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7 Effective Ways to Make Your AC Work Efficiently


When temperatures get hot, air conditioning offers a convenient, efficient means to get cool quickly. A window air conditioner provides exactly that for a room in your home; possibly two. It is one of those things we cannot live without which is why proper maintenance of your AC is very important. By doing so, your air-conditioner will reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and prevent costly repairs and downtime. Here are seven effective ways to make your AC work efficiently and even look a little better when you are using them.

During Installation:

Make sure it is level. You may have seen some people who have window type units installed that are sloping upwards or downwards. This is not a good idea because it could prevent the condensation from draining properly out of the bottom or the back of the unit.

Wash the windows. Before installing the unit, wash all of the windows. This should be done beforehand since there is no way to clean both sides of the glass unless you live on the ground floor. If you can access the windows from the outside, make sure you clean them regularly. Otherwise, ensure that all glass is clean before installation.

Use clear plexiglass: Use clear plexiglass instead of ordinary insulation panels. You will be able to reclaim some natural light in your windows which is a nice feature when using plexiglass. More than likely, light would be blocked with ordinary insulation panels that usually come with air conditioners. You can find the Plexiglas you need at most hardware stores. This type of material can easily be cut to the right dimension fill in any open gaps that are left after the installation of your air conditioning unit.

Make sure all gaps are filled. No matter how powerful or efficient your air conditioner is, you will end up with higher energy bills. This is because your unit will have to work harder if you have cool air leaking out of your house. Make sure you have every leak properly sealed and you can start by filling the gaps in between the frame of the lower sash and the window and the upper sash. Look for any cracks around the side panel and fill those in as well. There is a wide range of products you can choose from to seal in gaps like all-weather repair tape, air conditioner insulating seal, and heavy-duty weatherstrip seals.

During Maintenance: 

Clean Filters: Clean your filters weekly or as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Check for pollen, dirt, and dust buildup and vacuum away as much of the dirt as possible. Next, rinse the filter in warm, soapy water and let it dry before putting it back in the unit.

Clean coils: The coils inside the unit are what moves the hot air out and bring the cool air in. During this process, dust and dirt also get in. Clearly remove as much dirt as you can use a toothbrush. Next, take an old cloth that has been dipped in warm water and use it to get rid of any excess dirt. Before turning the unit back on, make sure that all parts are completely dry.

Help Your Unit Stay Cool. Whether you have curtains, blinds, or shades, make sure they keep out the light. During hot days, this will help your air conditioning stay cool so that you can spend long summer days in comfort.



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