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A public service announment, Your system and R-22

There is a lot of talk about the phasing out of R-22. Many company’s are trying to scare there customers into replacing perfectly good A/C units because of the phase out. Now that we are in a new year and new and imported R-22 has once again reduced, It still appears that there is still no shortage and it is important to note that there is NO Ban, No Ban on the use of R-22. You can use R-22 for as long as supplies last and have well running R-22 equipment to service. It is leagal to add to a leaking system, and use it in a repaired system. Here is why

First of all, R-22 is not going away anytime soon,  It is used not just in home comfort but in commercial refrigeration, as well as cooling,  As there equipment is replaced,  R-22 is recovered and reconditioned. As alternatives are coming to market, Demand for R-22 is winding down keeping pricing steady 

Secondly,  there is a wave of HFC refrigerants that have been designed to be retrofitted into R-22 equipment. This refrigerant is designed to replace the older R-22 while in many cases improve performance of existing system, We had had much success with many of these products.

When the Time comes and a new system is required,  Than the new system will be retrofitted and designed to use the newer environmentally safe refrigerant.

Do not fall for scare tactics,

Mark ToroccoR-22


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