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AC Tech tips

As everyone may know, Air Conditioning systems contain refrigerant and by the process of compression and decompression of the gas, The machine is capable of producing cool air were we want it, In our house or offices.

During this time of year, Its not uncommon for a home to be warm or humid even though it may be 50 degs outside, Naturally we turn on our systems to make the home comfortable

Sometime due to the cool weather, The refrigerant does not work at a high enough pressure as there is less heat in the air, This can have the effect for Freezing up the Evaporator coil.  Even if its slightly low on charge.

For commercial applications we control this by turning off the outside fans thus increasing the pressure of the refrigerant in the system,  But this is not cost effective for residential customers as this only occurs if at all once per year.

If this does happen , don’t panic.  At the thermostat, turn off system and place the fan setting to the on from auto.  this should thaw coin in a few hours and as the temperature increases the problem should solve itself,  If not call,  we will check the operation of the system.

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