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Ambi Climate 2: Bringing Air Conditioning into the Future

Ambi Climate

With the rise of the Internet of Things and household smart devices, it seems like every single appliance in our homes is becoming, in one way or another smart. Today, we have everything from smart thermostats, smart refrigerators and smart light bulbs, but what is next? According to Ambi Labs, the answer is smart air conditioning.

Ambi Climate 2

Ambi Labs hopes to change the landscape of smart household devices with their new product, the Ambi Climate 2. Unlike many other smart household devices, the Ambi Climate 2 does not replace your old air conditioner but supplements it. Using a smartphone app, a user can a smartphone to download the Ambi Climate app, which allows the user to pair the Ambi Climate 2 with both the smartphone (as long as the phone is running at least iOS9 or Android 4.1) and an already installed air conditioner. Once paired, the Ambi Climate 2 begins using machine learning and A.I. functionality to determine what temperature is comfortable for you. The device learns this by taking factors into consideration such as humidity, sunlight, time and weather conditions. Ambi Labs states that the result of the Ambi Climate 2’s machine learning will make sure that you do not have to manually adjust your AC unit as much as you would without the device. Ambi Labs estimates that the reduction of manual adjustments in place of the adjustments made by the device could reduce users’ electric bills up to 30%.

Should You Buy the Ambi Climate 2?

If any of the above details interests you, you may want to look into purchasing your own Ambi Climate 2. However, while the device is compatible with some of the biggest AC brands like Panasonic, Hitachi, and GE, the device will only work if your air conditioner is infrared-controlled and uses an LCD remote. In addition, Ambi Labs promises that the Ambi Climate 2 has more features to come that IFTT support with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot and multi-user geo-location. The upcoming multi-user geo-location feature may be quite handy in the future, as the device will know, based on your family’s smartphones’ locations, where each household member is and adjust temperatures accordingly.
If you are interested in purchasing the Ambi Climate 2, you can back it on Kickstarter until June 22nd. If you back it in time, you will be eligible for the second wave of Ambi Climate 2 units. However, if you do not back the product by June 22nd, you may be waiting until anywhere between July and October to receive your unit. If you would like more information regarding the Ambi Climate 2, check out its Kickstarter page here.

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