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Bella and Louie tip of the Day, Driers

Even though they don’t look or taste like a bone, It is just as important to my comfort and for my K-9 companions as well as our Human Counterparts. Lets explore what a Drier does and why its important

A liquid line drier is installed during the installation of a New unit,  It should be replaced every time someone opens up the Refrigerant circuit,  For the most part, they remain in the refrigerant circuit for the life of the A/C, Its purpose is to clean and remove moisture and small particles that remain in the circuit during installation.  As refrigerant passes through the filter Drier it catches the moisture and particles and holds on too them.  Its a fairly simple and inexpensive device.

There is one problem with Liquid line driers,  Rust.  Driers are made out of steel and in  most cases are installed outside,  Years of rain and being sprayed on by Lawn sprinklers takes it toll.  Sometime the rust can get so bad that all of the refrigerant in the system will leak out and the system will fail, Its one thing to replace a Drier that is rusted out but not leaking, But once all the refrigerant is gone,  Well factor in the cost of refrigerant and it a hole new ball game,  Repair went from hundreds of dollars to a thousand.

There are ways to protect the drier that a homeowner can do,  Spray on grease will inhibit rust,  spray painting the surface every now and then also will help. Most products can picked up at Local Hardware store,  I expect my techs to treat the drier and if its rusted really bad, Bring it to the customers attention as it is possible to save the refrigerant and replace the drier.

Hope this helps and remember were here to help you save a few biscuits

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