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Can You smell that Turkey: But why is the house so Hot?

th6n73ag7kThe family is over, friends show up,  Its 4 o’clock,  Turkey is done and just when dinner is served,  House is warm and its getting warmer,  Its only 70 degrees outside, What is going on?  You get your A/C company to come over and tells you your compressor is dead and you need a new one,  What gives? Its nice outside, The unit shouldn’t have even been running.  This happens more than one would think.

The number one day of the year for compressor failure is Thanksgiving according to Copeland which is a leading manufacture of A/C compressors.  Why may You ask,  well it has to do with Freon and how it naturally travels in the A/C system.  Let me explain.

Freon naturally travels to the coldest spot,  In the summer time this poses no problem as the house is the coldest environment, But around this time of year, especially in Florida, The house becomes the hottest environment,  For instance,  During thanksgiving the interior of a home can get very warm, almost like summer conditions,  Meanwhile its cool outside, Sometime a 20 degree difference.  The Freon migrates outside and in many cases into the compressor cavity,  For those of you who remember High school,  A liquid cannot be compressed,  Yet Liquid refrigerant is in the compressor.  If the compressor can purge the Liquid refrigerant, As the Freon gets pumped out of the outside unit it takes the oil with it.  Its a double whammy, a one two punch.

What should we do,  Well there are steps to take,  A good service provider should check if a crank case heater is installed,  This is a device that is mounted in or around the compressor that provides a little heat to the compressor so refrigerant will not Migrate there,  I also  recommend to exercise the unit, I know its nice out, but power the unit up before the home gets hot.  As long as there is no significant heat difference, You should be ok and the A/C will help maintain the house temp.  Have a Service provider check the refrigerant charge,  If the unit is overcharged, It could make things worse.  We can measure the charge to factory specifications. If you are our customer these steps are already done,

have any questions were more than happy to help

Have a happy Thanksgiving


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