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Electronic Commutative Motors

A Lot of discussion was given to air conditioning efficiency and how they achieve it.  The primary focus was on The new motors call ECM which are more energy efficient.  Electronic Commutative Motors seam to be the rage in replacement A/C systems, Helping them get 16 seer or Higher.  These motors start up slow , are quite and allow more flexibility in controlling airflow.

Well their is not such thing as free milk.  ECM motors have a High failure rate.  As much as 80% of these motors will fail in 5 years.  The standard motor known as PSC type which as no electronics have a very low fail rate, In fact most last 10 years or more.

Here is the kicker.  Labor and motor to replace a ECM can cost up to 1000.00,  Thats right up to a thousand dollars, Some systems only use a certain type just for their system, Sometimes the motor needs to be shipped in and their is no substitution, this is what drives up cost. This erases any in energy saving.  This is also why I try to steer customers away from them.

A standard PSC motor is interchangeable, Cost up to $300.    PSC Motors or Permanent split capacitor lasts up to 10 years if maintained.

I am all for energy efficiency but I am more about reliability.  Im sure the technology will improve but at this point of time I would prefer to stick with proven technology

Next blog will pick up on this discussion and How a Electric motor really works

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