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Getting the most out your A/C

How to improve SEER

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We all know that inflating Tires on your car to the correct operating pressures or changing the Air filter  will improve the Miles per gallon your vehicle gets, The more miles per gallon a car gets the less it cost to operate and the longer the life expediency that the owner can expect, Same with an Air Conditioner. There are steps you can take at home to get the most efficiency out of a A/C system. and there is steps that should be taken when a contractor who provides service must make to insure the unit is running at its most efficient level, I will concentrate on these issues each Post.

The condensing unit is the unit outside, it contains the compressor and the Condensing coil as well as fan.  The condensing coil is one of the most neglected part of an A/C unit. Think about it, While the inside coil gets an air filter to help keep the coil clean, the outside unit sucks up all the dusty dirty air with not protection. Many times we see a Dryer vent near it and grass clippings plugging the coil,  Name it and its in there.  The result is less air passes through the coil the harder it is to remove heat, If your unit wasn’t inefficient, its now.

A simple step can be used to assure the efficiency of the system, and every one has the tool, The garden Hose. With the system off, Simply spay down the outside coil and wash away the surface grime and dirt from the outside of the coil. Its an easy process, , Just remember to turn off unit1017

Some people place screen such as what is on the Lanai around the unit, Just remember that airflow is the key and anything that restricts will hamper efficiency. Some customers buy covers like the one shown above, What We have found is the covers in time fall apart or sometimes will stick closed, This could cause a catastrophic failure if the airflow if restricted .

We have a blog which has many more tips and we add every week. We want to save you money,

Thank You stay comfortable my friends.

Mark Torocco


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