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Google Air Conditioners?

Google has filed a patent for developing new bladeless air conditioners. The proposed air conditioning design allows you to see straight through it. The idea is about delivering a fanless air conditioner that does not produce noise and is not obtrusive.

The formal application was made a few days ago, and everyone is now looking forward to the outcome. What is clearly brought out in the patent is the need to do away with the traditional air conditioners. Traditional air coolers have flaws like blocking much of a window, noise production, and allowing warm air to flow back into the house. The solution, according to Google, is to have transparent air conditioners that cool homes with minimal noise production and power consumption.

Google bring into question the idea of getting alternative methods of cooling the house other than the traditional fans. In the traditional conditioner use, the window would have to be closed. Google proposes that the low profile conditioner, while fixed to the window frame, will allow more air into the house. Google’s idea is similar to Dyson’s fan designs in that they both utilize a large section of insulated glass to allow more light into the house.

The striking similarity of Google’s idea with Dyson’s bladeless fan is the almost zero noise production. An irritating hum present in traditional conditioners is reduced up to 75% in Dyson’s bladeless fan. The Google patent promises a quieter air conditioner. The design aims at allowing smooth airflow that reduces turbulence just as the Dyson 2014 model.

Having the fixed conditioner on a window frame would reduce light obstruction that happens when the traditional air conditioners are used. The proposed air conditioning design aims at stemming the temperatures in a room.

The patent proposes to use evaporator loops that will use a thermostat, which will help cool rooms efficiently. The amount of electricity to be used with evaporator loops is significantly low when compared to traditional conditioners.

Peltier-based cooling is the other way to stem electricity conditioning units. With the Peltier-based cooling, the use of phase change units will be avoided thus reducing the size of the air conditioning unit significantly. The energy saved could, in turn, be used for heating purposes by tenants and homeowners.

According to Google, the traditional air conditioning units are ugly and cumbersome. It is high time they are replaced with smart and efficient systems in the air conditioning sector. The new design does not have fans and is silent. Its installation is also projected to be cheaper than that of traditional air conditioners. The cost of electricity used to cool homes and workplaces is also expected to fall significantly.

No one knows when the Google air conditioners shall be introduced. However, there is an assurance that the product will be in the market soon. When this air conditioning design hits the market, Google will have added another product to the list of smart home appliances already in place. The Smart home gadgets and products are already achieving positive results, and it is expected that Google will deliver on this one too.

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