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How the AC works

We have become dependent on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in our modern lives,  But to most of us, Its a mystery on how they work or why.  An air conditioning system moves heat through the use of a fluid. That fluid is called Refrigerant and to many of us its call “Freon”  which was a Dupont trade name.  Freon is a special class of gasses that in most part is man made.  Easily compressed, It gets hot as its volume is reduced and becomes cold when pressure is reduced.  For R-22 on the chart ” Charts are available on Line”    So at 242 PSIG The boiling point of that Refrigerant is 115 Deg F,  In other words If the temp gets hotter its a gas and if is cooler than 115 is a liquid.  Sort of like water boiling.  Same goes at 64 psig,  R-22 boiling point is around 30 deg F, Hotter than 30 deg Its a gas and cooler it is a liquid..Two devices make the change of pressure possible, The Compressor and the Metering device which we will talk about later.  CO2 is a refrigerant and so is Ammonia,  In fact most hydrocarbons are refrigerants, Butane and Methane, Propane all can be used as refrigerants and are used in Europe.

Tip of the day .  Batteries  in a thermostat is required to make unit function correctly,  Change yours at least twice a year to insure a functioning ac system

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