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HVAC UV Lights

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKiAAAAJDk5OTc0NzgwLWM5YWItNGU0OS04YjA4LTI0NmJkZDFjMzZlNQNATURAL UV light coming from the sun keeps microorganism levels in the air under control outside. Putting a UV light in your AC system essentially does just that for your home. Ultra Violet lighting has been used for its sterilizing properties ever since its use in the treatment of tuberculosis in 1903. The light is an extremely effective way to improve indoor air quality by removing any sign of mold within its lighting range inside the air handler.

There are two different types of UVlights that can be installed for HVAC systems:

  1. Coil Sterilizer: The most common type to be installed, its a stick type light that is installed close to the return air duct sterilizing the air handler coils.
  2. Air Sterilizer: Installed in the return air duct an turns on with the air handler blower, sterilizing the moving air.


  • Reduces odors in the home
  • More effective in humid climates
  • Control bacteria levels in the air
  • May reduce electricity costs by maintaining a cleaner coil thus having a more efficient cooling system.
  • Prevents algae growth in drain lines reducing clogging

Even though the light bulb may still be lit, the UV light loses its effectiveness in about one year. Replacement bulbs may be installed at your annual HVAC service maintenance.

These lights may be effective for killing bacteria, odors, mold, etc. however, proper indoor air care basics should still be applied as such:

  • Making sure air ducts are sealed properly
  • Change filters monthly and conduct annual maintenance.
  • Keep coils clean.
  • Ducts should be in a conditioned space.
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