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HeilHave you ever purchased a TV or major appliance and when you got it home it didn’t work,  Back to the store it went.  Maybe you were a little upset but within a few hours the purchase was made right and off you went.  How many people would purchase a major and expensive appliance on line, Not many.  Why may I ask?  Because if it doesn’t work how would you return it.  For instance, I sold a customer a Ice machine, Wouldn’t you know it has a bad board which we have to replace,  Had they purchased it online, They handle the warranty and the labor to fix it which many Manufactures’ will not cover.

Bottom line is this, many units are sold online for less than the supply houses charge me, I don’t buy them online because there is no support Online,  I cannot easily exchange parts or get a customer rep to help with many issues that may arise.  Can you imagine sending a 1000 to an online supplier and finding out what was shipped was not the product ordered.  It happens all the time when we purchase equipment.  Or spending the money to Install the unit to find out the unit doesn’t work.  Now your out the cost of the labor with no warranty and a broken unit.  A A/C should last 10 years if installed correctly.  Why not spend a little more money with a company that can give you a piece of mind knowing that unit is done correctly and  will last a very long time.

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