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Refrigerant Facts

While in class yesterday we discussed among other things Refrigerant and It reminding me of a story I would like to share with you and an encounter I had with a customer.

I had just performed a maintenance for a new customer.  Went through the steps and could find nothing wrong with the A/C system so I presented her a bill for $65.00.  She looked at me with a frown and said that I wasn’t done. I asked what do you mean?  Her reply was I didn’t replace the Refrigerant!!!.  apparently every time the past contractor did a maintenance he would bill her for refrigerant change to make the system cool better,  Every year $250.00. I assured her that wasn’t so. but she was convinced I had to do it.

This perception comes from the Auto industry.  As cars A/Cs run sometimes they leak as they have a belt driven compressor.  People add Freon to make it get cold so naturally its is mistaken that this is the case for home systems.

Once an A/C is sealed It should not require more Refrigerant unless their is a leak.  Also Refrigerant does not go bad, Ever.  Once its in , its in and sealed.  I tell my students on all my systems I am very reluctant of hooking up gages as when I do I loose a little gas.  I find it funny how so many company’s add 1 pound of Freon to a system every time they do a maintenance,  In many cases they do not and just charge the customer.

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