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A/C Installation

Is your current air conditioner not keeping your home cool enough? Are your energy bills too high? If so, call Torocco's Cooling and Heating! We have provided central air conditioning installation in Fort Myers and SWFL for over 20 years.

A new central air conditioner has several benefits for your home over old central AC systems or window units. Advances in Air conditioning systems have made systems that are smaller, quieter, and far more efficient than air conditioners of the past. Installing a new AC system will not only improve the level of comfort in your home, but also save you money. With electricity rates dramatically increasing in summer months in SWFL, improving the efficiency of your home’s cooling system can save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the system.

Even if your home’s air conditioning system is functioning properly, it may be beneficial to consider installing a new cooling system. Often, homeowners will find that their air conditioning systems are operational, but their homes never attain the level of comfort that is expected. This is especially common in older homes with air conditioning systems that are more than ten years in age.

Old systems that perform at less than optimal levels will not sufficiently cool your home. This means your air conditioning system must work harder to attempt and cool your home. This inefficiency results in more hours of run time, creating a higher energy cost for you, with less comfort.