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Servicing Eletric Heaters

Eletric Heat service

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I written a little here and there about Electric heaters and How they work and we all seen ads form other company’s that Promise the world for 29.00 to check everything. But I would like to give a little run down of what to expect during a heater maintenance, than you judge if your getting the service you and your family desirve.

There are some major components to Electric heaters that are very important, First are the overloads. There is two sets, First is the primary which opens the control side of the heater, It will reset itself once the heater cools down, Secondly is a fusible link. This link melts and is the last resort, If this should happen, the link needs to be replaced and the the unit examined, These devices will save a home from a fire, But many times we find them bypassed by other contractors.

Secondly The Heater works with a contactor or a relay to turn on the heat and off, Because Electric heater pull lots of Amps, These devices wear out from Time to time, And even with no use they do corrode and not work or worse yet not disengage causing the heater to overheat and damage the unit.

Last but not least, is the wire connections, They can get loose due to vibration of the unit running all year,A loose connection can cause heat at the connection point. Having connections checked and tighten is a great Idea.

One more thing, We are seeing the thermostats calling for Heat but not energizing the fans, Thermostats have to be set to work with your heater, Some units automatically call for fan others do not and special command needs to be sent from the thermostat. If the heater doesn’t work except in fan on mode, This all likely the problem. Check the owners manual will give a solution to this problem.

As always have a safe and happy holiday season.

Mark Torocco

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