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Spring Cleaning for your A/C system


Spring has sprung so you know what that means: Spring cleaning! not only does this include pressure washing the outside of the house or deep cleaning the inside, but your HVAC system should also get some TLC. Ideally your system should be cleaned twice a year, more so if your unit is used most of the year. Keeping the system clean will ensure its efficiency, saving money and energy. A dirty system can be a health hazard, so disinfecting it can prevent any mold and bacteria from spreading into your home.

Here are some tips to ensure the maximum comfort and air quality in your home thing spring and upcoming summer:

  1. dirty_air_filtersCheck and replace your air filters every month, it will give you more comfort an efficiency. Some filters last longer than others, so make sure you get the proper one to fit your needs.
  2. Make sure your AC coils are clean. Coils that are clean exchange heat better, maintain a healthier environment in the home, and better efficiency of the unit.
  3. There is a fan inside the condenser coil that sucks air through the fins, pulling anything in that air with it. This could include grass clippings from mowing grass, dirt and other debris. Cleaning these fins and keeping them clean will ensure a more efficient unit and cleaner air coming in.
  4. Schedule a maintenance check-up for your unit sooner than later to ensure you get the quality and efficiency out of your unit. Your maintenance check up may include:
    • Making sure pressure and fluid levels are where they should be
    • Checking system wiring and controls on the thermostat.
    • Cleaning and draining the condensate line
    • Possible duct work inspection to ensure that the right amounts of conditioned air reach every room in the home.

 Proper service and clean up of your system could prevent any problems from happening in the future and may even help the unit last longer.

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