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Watch out for AC Repair Scams

beware of of air conditioning scam artists

It would be nice if people could trust everyone, but that is not the case. Sadly, a company or an air conditioner contractor can use his or her knowledge to scam an unsuspecting customer. The following are just a few tips to protect you from dishonest contractors.

Dirt Cheap Service

One thing you want to watch out for are contractors who offer to take care of the problem at a very low price. There is a chance that you know how much a certain service should cost if you had this service before, or you can call a few places to learn what the majority of contractors charge for a particular offering.

The reason you should be leery of dirt cheap prices is because a worker may use this to his or her advantage. The person might start working on your AC but will tell you that the repairs to your air conditioning system will cost more than expected. Most homeowners will feel pressured to pay because they just want the AC fixed.

Of course, a low price could mean low-quality service, which could affect your AC’s life.

Avoiding Commitment

Contractors who are trying to scam you might avoid committing to specific services. To prevent issues, you should ask the contractor what services will be performed beforehand, and you should get a contract that shows you both agree to those terms.

Remember that agreeing to certain services also means that an estimate should be agreed upon. You may want to test these estimates with other companies just in case. Most scam artists avoid agreeing to anything before they start working so that they can introduce surprise expenses later on.

Don’t Want you Around

Honest contractors are proud of the work they do and would not mind an audience, unlike a scam contractor. AC specialists who tell you that they work better alone or without being watched might be up to something.

What you want to hear from your contractor is the opposite. You want him or her to talk to you about what is wrong with your system and to show you. The specialist should show you how he or she will fix the issue. If you choose to take a peek, the worker should be okay with you watching. You might become overwhelmed with all the information a good specialist will try to tell you, but a contractor trying to hide his or her work is definitely a warning sign.

Of course, these are just a few things that may help you spot a possible scam. You can also check out past reviews from people who have contracted the air conditioner specialist you are considering. The internet has made it easy to read personal reviews, which could be enlightening. The key is to look for good reviews, experience, certifications, and transparent service, which are hallmarks of honest workmanship.

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