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Re-inventing Air Conditioning with Cooling Panels

Air conditioning cannot be made any better in the present day without the use of a square silver panel set. How does it work? Well, Eli Goldstein, The Co-founder of SkyCool Systems knows it all. The instrument is made up of a well-straightened aluminum foil that is expertly joined to a metal frame that pivots the tubes, pipes, and thermometers in place with a core purpose of maintaining the desired temperature.

This unique piece of technology is ideal for high-temperature areas. While the aluminum foil plays the role of reflection, high-tech mirrors work to cool buildings at a more efficient rate compared to the conventional air conditioners. It utilizes a peculiar twist of optics, which allows for a narrow escape of radiation into the atmosphere. This distinct kind of technology reduces the amount of energy required in the cooling process of structures by a margin of 10% to 70% depending on the climatic conditions and also on how it is used. In turn, this technology has dramatically reduced the demand for energy by Americans and has also significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Atmospheric Background

Grasping how air conditioning takes place through this instrument requires a prior understanding of the atmosphere. For starters, all objects emit heat by radiation, and this leads to water presence of molecules in the air. However, this heat may slip into the window of space leading to low temperatures. Consequently, during a hot day, the sun’s heat compromises any cooling effect making it unbearable to stay indoors.


This unique air conditioning unit has adequately adjusted for this problem. It works towards releasing the infrared light that slips through the air. Besides, it also reflects away 97% of the light emanating from the sun. This incredible creation, when placed on the rooftop, provides a cooling capacity of 40.1 watts per square meter.
Currently, this technology is already out in the market. Through SkyCool Systems, this project is now under commercialization and people are utilizing it for various purposes. Some Americans are using this new tech to cool flowing water since it has the ability to cool water flowing in thin pipes below the setup panels by 5oc.

Besides, the technology has been significantly used to modify the already existing air conditioners. For enhancement of efficiency in operations, it is being used extensively by industries to replace the condenser previously used in the traditional refrigerators and air-conditioners.

Technological Impacts

In structural case, it has been proven that during the summer, the technology reduces the demand for electricity by a minimum of 21 %. Moreover, its incorporation in buildings would result in a direct reduction in the cost of tenancy and ownership leading to a potentially expansive market.

Of the total energy production of the country, 14% is directed towards cooling buildings. However, this technology could lead to the reduction of that usage by a range of 10% to 20%, which in turn has reduced the pressure on the country’s electricity network. Hence, if your business is highly reliant on commercial air conditioning, cooling panels are ideal for all your energy saving requirements.

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