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Dropping some knowledge from my service calls

Ran two calls today that I think is typical of calls in Florida.  One is a water leak and the other a burnt compressor for a new customer.

There is nothing more frustrating than a water leak,  In some cases a safety switch will shut off the unit and other times it leaks though the ceiling. Neither is desirable for anyone but their is ways for a customer to eliminate this without an expensive service visit.

1.  In most cases the A/C Drain runs in a PVC that exist the house outside.  I always tell my customers that if they have a shop vac ($20.00) at Lowe’s or Home depot, to place it at the outside exit of drain and allow the vac to suck on the line for a few min, Doing this Every other month will solve this Issue.  Of course have a maintenance done on system once a year at minimum to insure the system is well taken care of and cleaned.  Don’t for get to change filters.

2.  A new customer compressor has failed and needs to be replaced.   In most cases this is not a cheap repair and in this case could have been prevented.  An A/C system has two set of coils,  One side  called the condenser removes the heat the other cools the space.  The Condenser is like the radiator of your car and most A/C companies ignore it as it is mostly outside but when its dirty its like running your car engine with a piece of Cardboard over the radiator,  The engine will not last as the heat will destroy the engine.  Well guess what, If the condenser is dirty on your A/C and heat cannot escape, the compressor will get destroyed and this is the case.   I like my customers to hose down the outside unit when its off and at least once a month, after all lawn clippings and dust is always drawn into coil.  Don’t use soap, water will do unless coils are very dirty than use Simple green

I hope these tips help you and If you need some professional help “With your a/c that is” please feel free to write or to schedule.


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