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Eight Air Conditioning Tips That Will Save You Money

Is your home’s energy bill soaring over the last several months? Well, its time you reduce the bill by playing some common tricks on your AC. Fortunately, the outside heat does not have to hit your wallet. Below are some ways you could save money on your home’s air conditioning.

1. Keep The AC Lower At Night

Temperatures during the day are utterly different with those in the evening; they are most definitely lower. As a result, you will not require the same level of cooling. Hence, it is wise to turn-down your AC, so that it is running less during the night hours. Besides, you could merely hit the sleep mode of your air conditioner during your sleep hours as it considerably lowers the timer’s output.

2. Maintain And Repair AC

Sometimes, timely AC repair is all you require to save energy. Basic maintenance like a good hose-out ensures that any external material like seeds and dust stuck and accumulated in your AC’s filter are removed to prevent it from being overworked.

3. Use Portable Units

It is not paramount that you cool your whole home while some areas are not in use. Portable units come in handy if you want to cool the area you are using. These units save up to 50% energy compared to the larger central units, and this ultimately saves you money.

4. Close Ventilation

Energy experts are in the opinion that your home’s basement is the coolest area of your home. Therefore, sealing off all vents down there will allow cool air to accumulate, and without an escape path, it will be forced up and cool your home as it comes down, all at no cost.

5. Lighting

How much light you expose your home to also determines how much heat is retained in there. Therefore, use of Energy Star or LED bulbs or completely doing away with lights when not needed tremendously reduces the heat levels in your home.

6. Use Of Fans

Fans work best in average-sized rooms. They allow you to circulate the cool air in your home without necessarily using much energy. They utilize less energy than the central air conditioners hence cutting on costs. Having a fan within easy reach as a backup plan is a good idea for your cooling needs. If properly utilized, they can reduce your air-conditioning bill by a whopping 40%.

7. Furniture Rearrangement

Most vents are positioned on ceilings in SWFL. But in other areas of the country they are often located on the floor.  As a result, moving your furniture from air conditioning vents will go a long way in effectively cooling your home. Placing your furniture in such a way that they do not block these vents could be the solution to your air conditioning requirements.

8. Thermostat Regulation

Adjusting temperatures by 5-8 degrees, down in winter and up in summer, tremendously cut your energy consumption and saves you money. A programmed thermostat comes in handy as it can be adjusted automatically for different times of the day.

The secret to running an efficient air conditioner is by simply understanding it. When away, turn off your air conditioner or maintain a temperature of 85 degrees. When you are at home, a warmer-than-normal temperature will pull the trick and save up on your energy bill.  The key is letting your body acclimate to a warmer temperature.  We have even more tricks if you are interested in giving Torocco’s Cooling and Heating a ring

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