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Commercial A/C Repair

Commercial Air Conditioning systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is going through a sizzling summer heat wave. The time when your HVAC system is working the hardest, and when you need it most.

We Fix It Right The First Time or You Don’t Pay!

Our word means everything. Our quoted price is your final price … Period. Unlike many in our industry we don’t accept bait and switch as a business technique. We understand that it can be stressful when trying to choose the right company to fix a commercial air conditioning unit, especially if time is of the essence. We make the whole process a little less of a crap shoot by our quoted price is our final price guaranty. If we make a mistake, misdiagnoses, or forget a line item we pay for it and it’s only the cost we quoted you.

We Build Relationships...

We don’t just want your commercial air conditioning equipment to be fixed, we NEED it to be fixed and fixed quickly. Our business is built on our reputation and that reputation has been built by doing what we say we are going to do. Building a trusting relationship is a priority at Torocco’s Cooling and Heating. We have been in business for over 20 years due to the great work that we do and relationships we have forged in the community. If you need any help with your commercial air conditioning equipment don’t hesitate to call us.

Commercial Service Plan

Torocco’s Cooling & Heating Maintenance Program helps avoid breakdowns plus it protects and prolongs the life of your equipment. As a Torocco’s Service Agreement customer you always receive priority service! With over twenty years of experience, we specialize in servicing Commercial HVAC systems. We also install new units and can provide a full range of service plans to meet your needs.

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Our Planned Maintenance Solution:

Four maintenance service calls are performed each year – each call quarterly. Purpose: to inspect and to advise you of any needed repair. (No repairs are made without your approval); to prevent breakdown and maintain efficiency. Our inspections and checks include the following:


  • wiring connections
  • contactors
  • volts-amps on compressors
  • volts-amps on condenser fans
  • volts-amps on evaporator fans
  • change filters
  • change belts (1x per year with quarterly contract)
  • crankcase heater
  • volts-amps (heating)
  • connections (heating)
  • high limit & safeties
  • staging
  • proper voltage
  • heat exchanger
  • pulleys and belts
  • contacts and relays
  • for clean filters
  • electric strip heaters
  • condensate pump
  • proper refrigerant
  • electrical connections
  • overall cleanliness of heating section
  • safeties
  • condensate pan, drain & pump
  • evaporator coil
  • lubricate blower fans & motors
  • lubricate shafts & bearings-condenser fans
  • evaporator temp. differential
  • condenser temp. differential
  • oil level
  • visual check for leaks
  • condenser coil
  • suction pressure cutout
  • suction pressure & discharge pressure
  • refrigeration charge, hi-low superheat
  • draft fan for dirt & rust
  • indoor coil
  • clean condenser coil
  • condensate drain
  • visible leaks
  • standard thermostat
  • motors
  • vibration noise
  • fan limit switch
  • blower assembly

* All contracts include an annual chemical cleaning of your evaporator & condensing coils. * Priority Emergency Service * Discount on All Repairs