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Things to Consider When Looking at a Portable AC

Things to Consider When Looking at a Portable AC

Too much heat can make a home or an office unfavorable to stay in not to mention the adverse health effects. But, by using a portable AC, you can cool and dehumidify the space. Unlike conventional air conditioners, the portable designs can be more energy efficient, they also have various features but are simple to operate, easy to install and maintain.

Some portable ACs even have dehumidifying and heating functions. With many air conditioner available in the market, it can be challenging choosing that which meets your needs. Here is a checklist on what to consider so that you can get the best portable AC.

The room size

A well designed portable AC will indicate the amount of heat it can expel in a room. The number of British Thermal Unit (BTU) to consider will depend on the available square footage of your room. If you have a large space, then you’ll need an air conditioner with higher BTU ratings. Also, put into account that areas with heating devices and poor insulation will require an AC with higher BTUs.

Noise level

If you often host parties, spend more time watching TV or just want to sleep peacefully, then you need an air conditioner that generates low noise. Since these models are housed inside the room, they are likely to generate some noise level. However, quieter models are available. Use the decibel (dB) ratings to determine the sound levels of your device. ACs with noise-reducing fan blades and insulated base pan can reduce the noise produced.

Ease of use

A modern portable AC comes with extra features such as drainage tank, remote control, air purifiers, self-timer, fan speed regulators and the ability to adjusting from your smartphone. These features can be available in a single unit which makes these ACs convenient and easy to use. They also make it easier for you to control the cooling system.


A portable AC cools a room by extracting moisture from the air. Some air conditioners will require you to manually drain the collected moisture while other models have a self-evaporating system. You can use a pump to expel the water out.  Most traditional type air conditioner installs have more in depth maintenance that you shouldn’t have to worry about that with portable units.


Since portable ACs are installed inside the house, they come with a window kit to expel out hot air. Therefore, these devices have to be plugged next to a window. They have a simple set up method that can include a step by step instructions. You can still place your AC away from the window as long as the model has a flexible venting kit. With some models, you can purchase an extension hose that allows you to place your AC in any convenient spot.

What makes portable ACs a must have in a room is that you can move it around to point to the exact spot where you want to blow the cool air. By doing the research, you will have the necessary knowledge that will enable you to choose the best portable AC.

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