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Zero Energy Air Conditioner


Air conditioning is one of those great inventions among inventions. There are countless regions of the world that lack access to electricity. If access is not the issue then high costs of power avert many from having cooling or even heating systems available. The design group at Ant Studio has put to use time-honored evaporating cooling methods to construct a prototype. The model is a low-energy air conditioner that utilizes water for cooling hot air. Very few families in India can afford the costs of air conditioning units. Luckily, there is a visually pleasing and environmentally friendly alternative for residents of New Delhi.

The prototype is considered a zero-energy installation. In places where there is a shortage of electricity, pouring water manually over terracotta cylinders can produce cooling results. The cylinders naturally diminish the surrounding temperatures. Basic solutions can oftentimes have remarkable results. Monish Siripurapu is the founder of Ant Studio architecture firm based in India. His low-energy air conditioner is a solution to combat the issues of cooling in remote or low access areas. This is one of the most widespread problems throughout India including many other underdeveloped countries.

The low-tech air conditioner was inspired by the look of a honeycomb. It is made using cylindrical terracotta cones that aide in reducing the temperature of its surroundings using water evaporation. This evaporation style cooling system launches right after recycled water runs straight down from the factory. The porous nature of terracotta allows the units to absorb water. This absorption helps with stabilizing the cooling process.

Once hot air passes from beginning to end, it is changed into cool air. Each individual terracotta cone has a specific customized design. The shape and size is determined using modern calibration methods and advanced computational analysis. In addition, each of the tubes is surrounded by sand making it capable of holding water longer. The water flows out emptying into a collection basin giving the look of a waterfall.

The architects of the prototype consider it both a creation of art in combination with its functionality. After installation, it is a feasible solution for homes stricken by poverty allowing them to battle increasingly hot temperatures during the summer. The prototype can cool hot air upwards of 122 degrees Fahrenheit to temperatures around 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit around the construction. Without a doubt, with its stunning design and eco-friendly nature, the low-energy air conditioner will be able to help countless numbers of people survive the heat.

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